9 inch Diff Covers for aftermarket housings available soon! 10% Off* for pre orders!

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IRCastings are releasing very soon a new cast aluminium diff cover the suit the aftermarket nine-inch housing.

With the supply drying up of the ford nine-inch differential housing, most hot rodders are now fitting the new 9-inch aftermarket fabricated housing.

Similar in appearance to the old Ford 9 inch or 8-inch pumpkin centre section (see fabricated housing pic below), these new aftermarket fabricated housing centres flanges are actually 25mm wider than the standard ford nine-inch centre, hence most of the aftermarket covers now available won’t fit these new fabricated housings.

I have had  allot of enquiries for a polished aluminium cover to fit these housings, so I decided to develop a pattern to cast from.

I'm now in the final stages and the cover will be available in unpolished and polished by June this year.

The new cover is attached to the rear housing by gluing it to the rear housing using a special adhesive which I will supply with each cover.

The price will be $195 (AUD) for the unpolished cover and $325 (AUD) for the polished one. (Excluding shipping/postage).

I welcome international orders and regularly mail covers the US, Canada, NZ Sweden and the UK.

If you are overseas do a comparison on your exchange rate, you'll find our prices to be very surprising, so take a look around my store.


Get 10% discount on all forward orders placed by May the 31, 2020 as an introductory offer. Just email me here mentioning the 9 inch Dimple Centre Cover.

From one enthusiast to another, happy motoring.



My new finned cover glues over existing fabricated housings.

9-inch-aftermarket-diff-cover  fabricated-diff-housings

PS: IRCastings also have covers to suit Borg Warner, 10 bolt Salisbury, Commodore Falcon including the early model falcons, Ford 8 and 9 inch and Chrysler Centura.

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