New Polished Ford 9inch Diff cover suits aftermarket housing.

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IRCastings have released a new Polished cast aluminium diff cover the suit the new aftermarket nine-inch housing. Our UnPolished Cover is also still available.

With the supply drying up of the original ford nine-inch differential housing (dimple on the rear center cover, see pic), most hot rodders are now fitting 9inch aftermarket housings which are similar in appearance to the old Ford 9inch or 8inch pumpkin center section (see pic).

The new aftermarket housing center flanges are actually 25ml wider than the standard Ford 9inch center, hence most of the aftermarket Diff covers now available won’t fit these new wider housings.

You asked for it, so I've delivered!

Because of the number of enquiries I have received for a Polished aluminium cover to fit the aftermarket housings, I decided to develop a pattern to cast a cover to fit these aftermarket housings.

Attaching the cover is easy!
My new covers can easily be attached to the aftermarket housing with Sikaflex.

$198 AUD for the Unpolished cover. SHOP UnPolished here.

$365 AUD for the Polished cover. SHOP Polished here.

Postage is additional, prices accurate at 1/6/21.

I welcome international orders and regularly mail covers the US, Canada, NZ Sweden and the UK.


Please feel free to call or email me, I'm always keen to answer any questions. I'd also love to receive photos of my covers when they're fitted.

Cheers Steve.

Note: All prices exclude postage.

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